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Factors to Consider When Looking For a Translation Agency

In the past few years, the language service sector has expanded into a $ 30 billion industry with more than 30000 language providers globally. Language service providers vary across the globe due to factors like the languages they translate, internal abilities, the right selection of services they offer, expertise level, and the quality of services. In such an extensive and diverse landscape, it’s easy for a person to make poor decisions regarding the choice of a language service provider. This article has listed down some of the considerations you should make when looking for a translation agency.

One of the factors to keep in mind is financial protection. If you are going into a long-term relationship with an agency, the best thing to do is to determine if the company is financially secure. Are they productive? Does the company have a good reputation of paying their staff fairly and on time? Request the agency if you can see their audited accounts for the past 3 to 5 years for you to evaluate their profitability and growth rate. Additionally, online research through translator marketplaces will enable you to determine if a company has a bad history of payment among their employees and linguists.

Make sure that the company is certified. If you care about stability and quality, consider looking for companies which have obtained ISO9001 and ISO17100 certification to offer professional translation services. You should be cautious of the companies that say they adhere to the certifications or are self-certified when they are not officially accredited. A majority of the certified agency will put details of their certification and auditors on the website for people to download.

The agency must have round the clock global customer service and operation. Round-the-clock services are essential in a worldwide landscape which has different time zones that can negatively influence essential communications on a project. For instance, the time difference between New York and Hong Kong is 12 hours. In case a customer sends an email to a project manager in China at the end of the workday to ask for changes to a project, they will not get that communication until the next day late in the evening. On the other hand, the client will waste a whole day worth of translation. When you work with an agency with production offices worldwide, they can do the necessary amendments on your project at whatever time to optimize your company’s time.

Look at the customer testimonials. An agency is going to have happy clients if they have finished all the translation projects. The testimonials left on their site might not be enough to offer you the information you require about their expertise. Reputable agencies will allow you to ask their clients concerning their performance.

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